Watch: Spider-Man in Dubai

Catch Spidey swing and leap through the city’s famous landmarks

Watch: Spider-Man in Dubai

As the latest instalment in the Marvel Cinematic Universe sends Peter Parker’s Spider-Man a long way from his beloved New York City, the web-slinger has found himself in Dubai in one video in which he’s definitely Far From Home.

The first movie set after the record-shattering Avengers: Endgame sees Peter Parker heading to Europe on a fieldtrip, trying to get his head around seeing [spoiler alert: redacted] in the previous movie.

Now, on his travels it looks like Spidey has carried on going past Europe and over to Dubai.

You’ll see him swinging through Dubai Marina, high-fiving residents in La Mer, catching a ride on an abra across Dubai Creek, and even giving the Burj Khalifa a good stare-down.

Catch the full video here:

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