Dubai International Airport’s 50-year transformation

Watch: Remarkable footage shows the origins of the world’s largest international airport

Dubai International Airport’s 50-year transformation

“A modest beginning paved the way for taking on the world” says the Dubai Media Office. It's referencing Dubai International Airport and how the emirate’s transport hub has progressively transformed of the course of half a century – but of course the statement would also be appropriate to describe Dubai in its entirety.

DXB Media Office has released footage detailing the 50-year transformation of Dubai International Airport.

From grainy, sepia-draped footage of a single, four-gate terminal back in the late 1950s – 12 years before the formation of the UAE, it should be noted – through to the world’s largest international airport as it stands today, it’s remarkable to see how far the airport has come.

In 2019 more than 90 million passengers arrive, depart of travel through Dubai International Airport, which makes it the single-largest airport in the world for international travel – and it’s now trialling paper-free, which could mean no more passports or boarding passes.

Check out the 30-second video, which you can view below

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