New data-saving Spotify app to launch in the UAE

It will be easier to listen to music on the go

New data-saving Spotify app to launch in the UAE

We don't know about you , but we never have enough space on our phones.

With all the photos, videos and apps, we find ourselves deleting this and uninstalling that to free up a little space.

If you love music it can be even more difficult, especially if you like to have a library of tunes at your disposal while out and about.

Well, one way to counter that is to sign up for the latest version of Spotify.

The streaming app has launched Spotify Lite, which takes up less space on your device.

You'll still have access to your tunes, but the app itself is less than 10MB.

Also, you can set a data limit for usage so you don’t have to worry about running up a bill at the end of the month.

Currently the app is only available on Google Play store but will be added to more platforms in the coming months.

Sounds good to us.

We’re going to make a great playlist to celebrate the extra space on our phones.

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