Temporary alcohol licence said to be available for Dubai tourists

Visitors to Dubai can apparently now apply for a permit for their stay in the emirate

Temporary alcohol licence said to be available for Dubai tourists

Visitors to the UAE can now apply for a temporary alcohol licence, according to reports cited by Arabian Business.

Tourists to the city, who don’t have a Dubai visa, can apparently present their passport at retailers MMI and African + Eastern to get the licence. They will also have to sign a form stating they are not a UAE resident. Each applicant will also get guidelines on responsibility.

This is to help visitors “remain on the right side of the law” so say reports.

The system is said to be being rolled out this summer. Until this point, only UAE residents could apply for a licence – which must be renewed annually.

As a visa holder, if you want to consume, store or transport alcohol in Dubai, you need to have an alcohol licence. An alcohol licence permits the licence holder, and that person only, to consume, store, transport or possess alcohol.

Failing to produce a licence if asked for one can lead to prosecution, with penalties including heavy fines and even the loss of your visa.

In order to obtain an alcohol licence, you have to be non-Muslim, over the age of 21 and living in Dubai. Following changes in April 2019, you no longer need an NOC or tenancy contract in order to apply, and the online application service makes obtaining one a straightforward process.

To find out how to apply for your Dubai residents’ alcohol licence, click here.

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