Plans for calorie publishing in Dubai restaurants have been delayed

Restaurants can voluntarily participate for two years, according to reports

Plans for calorie publishing in Dubai restaurants have been delayed

Proposed plans to introduce mandatory calorie publishing on restaurant menus across Dubai have been temporarily delayed, according to reports.

According to Caterer Middle East, the directive, which was due to come into effect in November this year, means that all restaurants with more than five branches in Dubai would be obliged to publish calorie information on menus. Meanwhile, other restaurants would have to be in line with the mandate by January next year.

Instead, according to the report, Dubai’s restaurants have been given the option of voluntarily opting in for the next two years before the law is revisited.

When the plans were originally announced, Dubai Municipality director general Dawoud Al Hajri said “Dubai Municipality's initiative is to oblige food establishments to be fully transparent in declaring calories on all foods to give consumers the ability to choose food that suits their health status.

“It is an innovative program of Dubai Municipality and through it the Municipality will encourage restaurants to provide healthy and tasty meals to consumers to achieve Dubai Municipality's vision of developing a happy and sustainable city.”

But there are plenty of other great ways to get going on a health kick in Dubai.

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