RTA announces automated driving tests in Dubai

Learner drivers to be closer scrutinised by AI, as well as a human examiner

RTA announces automated driving tests in Dubai

Nervous learner drivers preparing to take the test will now be assessed by both an examiner as well as a smart tracking system, following trials announced by the RTA.

The Roads and Transport Agency has said its new system will automatically assess drivers by its own, remote standards, using an array of sensors and other tech gadgetry top monitor driver progress during tests.

“It can transmit data to a driver powered by artificial intelligence (AI) technology for analysing driving behaviour,” said Abdullah Al Ali, CEO of RTA’s Licensing Agency. “Accordingly, customised and specific retraining programmes can be developed and tailored to trainees who could not pass their driver license tests, which in turn will bring about a remarkable improvement in the quality of drivers testing processes.”

The RTA claims it is the world’s first automated practical driving road test, which reads and analyses applicant skills in real-time during the test, to help increase efficiency of the assessors, too, so that better trained, safer drivers end up on the roads of Dubai.

The system will also use a 3D panoramic video recording system to give feedback to learner drivers, and will help address complaints against examiners.
For more information, head to www.rta.ae.

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