Dubai's best food deliveries

Supermarkets, takeaways and more, how to order food to your door

Dubai's best food deliveries

From fresh nutritious food to a big greasy burger, you can have everything your heart desires at the mere swipe of a finger in Dubai. Here's how to order food to your door, whether you want to cook it yourself or have it come ready.

If you’re from the UK and missing your familiar brands from home, chuck a few Tesco goodies in your virtual shopping basket. And, if the supermarket doesn’t have what you’re looking for, it’s always looking to update its in-demand stock. Let them know and they’ll try and source it for you next time. (04 368 4026).

Carrefour UAE
If you’re looking for your groceries delivered to your door, check out Carrefour UAE, which delivers to you in the next available slot, based on traffic (so order at non-peak times for fastest service). It remains one of the best-value supermarkets in the city, so it is well worth having in your arsenal for avoiding the weekend big shop. (If not for late-night munchies).

The company delivers food from a carefully curated list of restaurants around the city, including Café Bateel and Magnolia Bakery. It charges Dhs7 for delivery, and orders usually only take 30 to 60 minutes, so, if you’re craving cupcakes, you’ll get them quickly! All you have to do is tap in your desired goods on the menu in the easy-to-use app, and hey presto, they’re all yours.
Free. Available on iPhone and Android.

Fruitful Day
Offering a huge scoop of goodness across the city, Fruitful Day makes snacking on healthy titbits that much easier. Choose between a Staple Box, with standard fruits such as bananas, apples and oranges, or get adventurous with the Discovery Box, which offers up such goodies as cherries from the Middle East, bananas from the Philippines and peaches from Jordan, alongside treats like mangoes, lychees and kiwi fruit. (04 883 5851).

Hello Chef!
This company takes its food seriously and delivers fresh ingredients and recipes for family meals right to your doorstep. Delivery is always on a Sunday and orders must be placed by the Thurs-day preceding it for delivery. (056 648 0597).

It says its goal is to “free people from tasks that must be done and are not fun”. Our ears instant-ly pricked up. Turns out, it’s an innovative, easy-to-use mobile app for ordering groceries in Du-bai and receiving them in 30 to 60 minutes, depending on location, with instant or scheduled de-livery. Say goodbye to those mad, furious dashes for lists of forgotten items.
Free. Available on iPhone and Android.

The team here deliver quality fruit and veg from every continent, from the ripest Indian mangoes to the sweetest Malaysian passion fruit. Kibsons specialises in exotic fare, pre-packaged and mini veggies, as well as micro herbs, and it aims to carefully source the freshest quality goods at the best prices. (04 320 2727).

Leela’s Lunches
The aim of this company is to encourage healthy, clean eating by adding vegetables to sauces, eliminating additives, preservatives, sugar and refined products, introducing higher proportions of wholegrain and slowly crowding out junk. With all the dishes prepared from scratch and fresh on the day, these lunches are hearty and wholesome, and flavourful. (055 130 5556).

Delivering recipe kits across the UAE since 2014, Livefreshr offers an array of meal plans for all sorts of diets, including meat, vegetarian, paleo, pescatarian, gluten-free and more. There are also various meal plans to suit your weekly schedule, from individual plans through to a household of six people. Whether you’re after four meals per week for two people, or six recipes for four, the choice is yours. Expect a choice of 20 recipes that change on a weekly basis, from Thai red duck curry and sweet potato crusted quiche. Better yet, it’s also figured out a way for users to get free meals, and all you have to do is refer Livefreshr to ten of your friends. Now that’s a bargain.

Lulu Hypermarket
Get next day delivery on all the household requirements you and your family might ever have, and fair prices while you’re at it. There’s a particularly good variety of fresh fruit and veg, and even the occasional vegan deli meat. Lulu also sells electrical beauty and hygiene appliances, lest your nose hair trimmer kicks the bucket and leaves those wanton tendrils in the lurch.

M&S Food
You can now get some of your favourite treats from the famous British store, delivered to your door. The easy-to-use app delivers to most parts of the city, and provides groceries, treats, baked goods and more from your nearest M&S Food store.
Available on The App Store and Google App Store.

They’ll send a box of six healthy snacks, including nuts and dried fruit, for you all to graze on. You can subscribe and they’ll send you a box every month, every week or even every day if you want to help keep the cravings at bay. (800 686 24).

Health and beauty products, magazines, electronics as well as groceries are offered at Supermart, and you can even save the items in your trolley for future trips. (04 456 6752).

Unlike Deliveroo and UberEats, Talabat’s business operates principally by connecting you to individual restaurants and their delivery drivers, rather than relying on its own. Get your famished mitts on a range of cuisines, wherever you are in the city, from Middle Eastern mezze to southern fried chicken, via frozen yoghurt and gooey kunafeh.

Download the app and order from more than 100 restaurants across town such as Gustronomy, Taqado, BurgerFuel, Pinza, Sushi Art and The Hummingbird Bakery, seven days a week. The app will use your location to determine which restaurants are available to you, flash up a menu when you select one and then you just have to choose your dishes. There’s also no minimum order.
Free. Available on iPhone and Android.

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