World Pasta Day 2019: 7 fast pasta facts

And where to celebrate with a bowl of pasta in Dubai

World Pasta Day 2019: 7 fast pasta facts

World Pasta Day 2019 is fast approaching (Friday October 25). And there are a few things we love more than twirling an al dente strand of spaghetti round our fork or ending up with tomato sauce down our chin.

Whether you're after tortellini, fettucine, gnocchi or penne, we've rounded up the very best pasta dishes Dubai has to offer right here, ahead of this week's World Pasta Day, click here.

Meanwhile, here are seven pasta facts to wow your mates over a bowl of fusilli.

1 Pasta was first eaten in China
The first recorded reports of people eating pasta came from China. Legend has it that famed explorer Marco Polo introduced the noodles to Italy in the 12th century. We’re not convinced.

2 It comes in 600 different shapes
That’s according to the International Pasta Organisation, and means we have many, many more varieties to try. Hooray!

3 Italians get through approximately 600 million kilometres of spaghetti every year.
That’s enough to wrap around the planet 15,000 times. Mamma Mia.

4 They also eat more than 60lbs of pasta a year...
...Per person.

4 Eating pasta makes you happy
This is one we can definitely believe, and there’s science behind it. Carbohydrates in pasta increase the body’s production of serotonin, the neurotransmitter that trigger feelings of happiness and well-being.

5 It tastes better than it sounds.
In Italian, “spaghetti” means strings, “vermicelli” are small worms, “farfalle” are butterflies, “orecchiette” means small ears, “linguine” are little tongues and “ravioli” means small turnips.

6 Spaghetto is a word
It's the plural of spaghetti, not just the O shape in your Alphabetti.

7 Lasagna is the oldest form of pasta
Apparently there are writings of it as far back as the first century AD, when it was fried sheets, before being made into the dish it is today.

And if you want a special World Pasta Day deal, Social by Heinz Beck is laying on a special fettucine dish in honour of the occasion.

For the best Italian restaurants in Dubai, click here.

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