Solar Eclipse 2020: UAE to see partial eclipse this June

The special event is estimated to last nearly three hours

 Solar Eclipse 2020: UAE to see partial eclipse this June

If you wake up in the UAE only to find that the morning isn’t nearly as bright as usual, don’t fret, as a special solar eclipse is set to take place this June.

And, the estimated three hour event can be partially seen throughout the UAE, according to Dubai Astronomy Group. We’ve in luck.

The phenomena will see the shadow of the moon cast on the earth, as the moon blocks out the sun. This time, the solar eclipse will be visible from parts of Africa including the Central African Republic, Congo, and Ethiopia, along with southern Pakistan, northern India and China.

As for the UAE, the eclipse will take place on Sunday June 21, starting from 8.14am with the maximum eclipse to be seen at 9.36am. The solar eclipse will then finish at 11.12am.

Of course, it’s never a good idea to look directly at a solar eclipse without the right equipment. Don’t fret, as Dubai Astronomy Group has ISO certified solar eclipse observation glasses available for Dhs24 right here.

Other dos and don'ts include not looking at the sun through sunglasses (it never works), and not looking at the sun with filters made from photographic film, or any combination of photographic filters and crossed polarisers.

However, do first position yourself towards the east direction, put the glasses on then turn towards the sun to observe the eclipse.

While we won’t be able to see the ‘ring of fire’ when the moon is at the centre of the sun, you can catch the eclipse by watching it live on Dubai Astronomy Group’s YouTube channel.

To find out more about the very special event, check out

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Sun Jun 21, 8.14am-11.12am (expected time),

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