Little Boots interview

In a rare quiet moment, electropopper Little Boots talks bloodlust and being pitied by La Roux

Little Boots interview

Back in 2008 Little Boots, aka Victoria Hesketh, was the name to drop. The England-born singer was top of the blogs with songs like the Stylophone-decorated ‘Meddle’ and the Italo-disco inspired ‘Stuck On Repeat’. Meanwhile, thousands were hooked to her YouTube Funtimes!!! song cover series, where the 24-year-old deconstructed the pop hits of everyone from Wiley to Miley (Cyrus) in her bedroom. Eighteen months later, she’s blazed into the UK top 10 with her second single, the synth-stuttering smash ‘Remedy’.

You’ve just played an acoustic set out there in London, we hear. Did it go well?
It was so lovely – lots of old friends came out and it’s such a cool venue; it was candlelit and there was an old piano, it felt very special. And I didn’t mess it up!

Speaking of which, I was surprised to see you apologise for playing Robert Miles’s ‘Children’ as your last song at a recent [international dance music night] Bugged Out! party. I thought you would have stood by your decision…
That wasn’t my decision! My boyfriend was egging me on. The Bugged Out! crowd think they’re pretty cool and Erol Alkan was on after me, so I had to stand by and watch his look of disgust as he mixed ‘Children’ into whatever cool disco number he was playing. It was bad.

‘Remedy’ reached number six in the UK, which is your highest chart position yet. You wrote it in LA with with RedOne [producer of Lady Gaga and Sugababes]. When you flew out there, did you feel under pressure to come back with a hit?
Initially I flew out there just to meet him. I didn’t think we’d have time to write, but we messed around and wrote the verse and the first chorus in half an hour. I didn’t think anything of it but everyone was like, ‘This sounds great, you have to go back and finish it!’ so I went back for two more days and that was really pressurised. But we got there!

How’s your massive Twilight obsession going?
I’ve finished the books now. So it’s a bit upsetting. Have you read them? No? Oh my God! You have to get involved. Nothing else really mattered in my life for about two weeks. I will not have a bad word said against Robert Pattinson.

Is it just that set of books or is it all bloodsucking-related media? True Blood? Jennifer’s Body?
‘New In Town’ is one of the songs in Jennifer’s Body, actually! I’m not generally into vampires. Everyone says True Blood is amazing. I should get into it, but it was the fantasy romance aspect [of Twilight] that appealed to me.

Did you read that interview where Elly from La Roux said she felt sorry for you?
All I heard was that she said she felt sorry for me and I was a bit like: I don’t really need your sympathy, mate. I didn’t hear the rest of what she said.

She felt your album had been harshly judged because of the hype.
Well, I think there’s some truth in that because everyone was judging what it was going to sound like on the basis of two demos. So there was some unfairness in how much people judged something before it was even finished. But I don’t really worry about it.

Mariah Carey famously insured her legs and J-Lo insured her bum – is there any body part that you’d consider taking out a policy on?
I guess my fingers, because I can’t play piano without them. [Pause…] I think I should, actually!

What are you working on now?
I was writing at home yesterday, working on a film soundtrack. I’m still doing lots of demos for it. I think it’s quite good, actually – quite different from the other stuff. But I can’t tell you what the film is; it’s still top secret. I’ll tell you if it comes off. You can have the scoop.
Little Boots’s album, Hands, is available in stores.

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