Barasti Big Deal

Head down to Barasti this weekend and you could walk away with a round-the-world holiday

When Barasti called its new promo a ‘big deal’ they weren’t kidding. It’s probably the biggest – and definitely the most complicated – drinks promotion we’ve ever heard of.

From October 2, people buying selected beverages at Barasti from Tuesday to Saturday will be in with a chance of winning one of 52 Barasti Big Deal T-shirts, as will listeners to Dubai92 radio station. With us so far? We hope so, because from here on it gets a bit more complex.

Those T-shirt winners will get two free drinks at Barasti a night for the rest of the year, which is good enough for us. But at the end of the month, on October 31, the final T-shirt will be handed out and all 52 players – like cards in a deck, see? – will then be invited up to a public competition.

That night will see 20 of the players eliminated and the remaining 32 players shipped off to New York. There, they will take part in a further series of contests over the course of the week, with eliminated contestants being sent back each day.

The final winner will then get their very own holiday to the Maldives and free food and beverages at Barasti for a year. Phew! So basically – head down to Barasti on one of their special nights and you could walk away with free food and drink, and Maldives and US stamps in your passport. Oh, and a T-shirt. Sounds good to us.

Barasti Big Deal runs from October 2 to October 31 at Barasti, except for Mondays.

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