Sébastien Léger interview

Time Out helps DJ, secret breakdancer and classical baby Sébastien Léger get a couple of things off his chest


Is this your first Creamfields?
I’ve played Creamfields in Poland and in Peru. But it’s the first time they’ve held it [in the UAE], so that’ll be interesting.

What would it take to make this a good festival?
A good festival doesn’t mean a big festival. For me, it means good tents, good music, a good line-up and a great sound system, but the most important part is the crowd.

Is there anything that really irks you about dance festivals?
When it’s too big and you get lost. I’m not really a fan of being stuck in a crowd. When it’s too big it really drives me crazy. As a DJ, the thing with a festival is that if you play the wrong record for 10 minutes, people will leave and go to another tent. You can’t really play in a festival what you would in a club; you can do your own thing in a club because there are only one or two DJs, maximum. In a festival you have to play for the crowd straight away. It’s a bit annoying in a way, but it’s just a different exercise.

So, who are you going to see?
My favourite DJ, Marco Carola, is playing, so I’ll be stuck in a tent with him. I know all the others: Deadmau5 is a friend, we’ve played together a few times. I’m not much of a Sasha fan, so it’ll just be Marco and me.

Why did you stop doing remixes?
It was a lot of things really, for me. It’s partly a control thing. I’ve done so many remixes that have been way bigger than the original, but the artist gets the credit and I don’t – it’s just very annoying. I’m not really
into it any more.

Didn’t you used to be an aspiring breakdancer once upon a time?
How do you know that?

The magic of the internet, Sébastien…
When I was young I used to do contests for breakdancing and stuff. I was all right. I wasn’t the best in the world, though.

When was the last time you busted a move?
A long time ago. I focused on the DJing – I’m much better at that! [Laughs]

So which do you prefer being: a DJ or a music mogul?
It’s 50/50, to be honest. I like DJing, but the only annoying thing is the travelling. I really like to stay home, you know, and just make music. But if I’m not going to DJ when the weekend comes, I really feel like I’m missing out on something.

Can’t you make music on the go?
I tried a few times, but when you work on some stuff on the headphones, you’re like, ‘This is really good,’ then you go back to the studio and listen to it on your own and you realise that it’s horrible.

Is that why your label is called Mistakes Music?
Actually, yes! [Laughs] The whole point of the music and the tracks I’m doing is that they’re all really made by mistake. It’s all just a lot of happy accidents.
Sébastien Léger plays the House Arena

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