Check out Dubai's most flamboyant night. It's back in town...

You’d be hard pushed to say that Dubai isn’t a flamboyant city – when even the hotels are dressed up as sails and the malls are shaped like dragons, you know you’re in a place that likes to celebrate in style. But few nights take it as far as Circus does. Yep, some places may expect everyone to wear all-white clothing or a tux, but few encourage people to come dressed as cowboys, clowns, superstars and pirates. That’s Circus for you.

This time around, the event is going for something a little more formal. Well, kind of – while people are still welcome to come dressed as whatever they choose, there’s also a ‘dead famous’ theme. We predict plenty of Marilyn Monroes, John Waynes, Kurt Cobains and the like. And, knowing the Circus crowd’s habit for really going all out with their fancy-dress attire (seriously, some of the outfits are amazing), expect a few Liberaces there as well. Anything, we hope, but an endless stream of Michael flippin’ Jacksons…

Circus is at Chill on December 11.

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