James Lavelle in Dubai

The man from Unkle, James Lavelle, is coming to Dubai. Find out more

He’s had a varied old career, has James Lavelle. In the early ’90s he started the Mo’Wax label, home of DJ Shadow’s seminal Endtroducing… album. A year later, he brought Shadow into Unkle, his trip-hop band, releasing a debut album in 1998 that featured artists as diverse as Thom Yorke, Kool G Rap, Metallica’s Jason Newsted and Mike D from the Beastie Boys. In fact, if you take in all of Lavelle’s colleagues, associates and former band members you can probably connect him to almost anyone in alternative music. Since then Unkle has rotated through several members, but always with Lavelle at its heart.

His solo work’s been just as impressive; he’s produced progressive house tracks for Global Underground as well as remixing tracks by Massive Attack, Beck and Garbage, to name but a few. He has also developed a career producing soundtracks for film, including Sexy Beast and the recent X-Files movie, and is currently working on a film from Pi’s Darren Aronofsky and a film about director Abel Ferrara.

But more importantly for you guys, he’s a long-time resident of London’s Fabric club and even mixed the Fabriclive.01 album. And it’s those skills he’ll be using at Digital on January 21, mixing a wide selection of house tunes for the Chi massive. We can’t wait.

James Lavelle plays Digital at Chi, January 21.

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