Flo Rida in Dubai

Dubai is playing host to the chart-topping rapper this week. What – you don’t know who he is? Read on…

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The title of his debut album, Mail on Sunday, is nothing to do with the UK newspaper of the same name and everything to do with cake.
As he told Pyro Radio: ‘In the States we only get mail six days a week, but I felt for my fans this is like a special delivery – I have to give them that seventh day. If you check out my first record, ‘Birthday’, I say I don’t want cake on my birthday – I want it every day. So I feel like I want that every day.’

He owes his success to tragedy.
His older sister, Julia, died of bronchitis in 2002 at the age of just 25. This sad turn of events became one of the defining moments in his life and he now uses her memory to spur himself on.

He’s smarter than the average chart rapper.
Flo – when we call him that, we like to imagine he’s called ‘Florence’ – spent two years at university doing an international business studies degree before going full pelt at music. We’re assuming this helps with the massive pile of cash he’s earned in the past seven years.

He’s been spurned by pop collaborator Ke$ha.
Flo’s unbelievably catchy hit ‘Right Round’ (see ‘Go with the Flo’, below) features guest vocals by rising American pop starlet Ke$ha. But despite contributing to one of the biggest chart successes of last year (the single was certified triple-platinum in the US), she declined to appear in the video because she felt it would project the wrong image of her. Flo seems happy enough with the other beautiful women they brought in to replace her, though.

We only just realised that ‘Flo Rida’ is actually a reference to his home state of Florida.
Seriously, it’s right there in the name! And we’ve known about him for nearly three years. Oh man, this is embarrassing.

Flo Rida plays The Palladium on March 4. For tickets, call 800 4669 or see www.timeouttickets.com.

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