Hanna Hais and Simonne Cooper

Two talented female vocalists-cum-DJs are set to perform on March 25, but how do they measure up against each other?

Ease of misspelling name

Hanna (no second ‘h’, though that might be a French thing) performs well here, but we have to give this one to Aussie singer/DJ Simonne, whose vestigial second ‘n’ has been baffling Time Out’s all-powerful spellchecker since her appearance at Sanctuary’s NYE party.
Victor: Simonne

Early starter quotient

Hanna was born on the same day as Barbara Streisand though not, we suspect, the same year – unless she’s an exceptionally youthful looking 67-year-old, of course. In any case it seems the stars were aligned on a career in showbiz, and having grown up listening to American soul classics, a role as a singer and DJ was seemingly inevitable. Her biography goes a little quiet until 2002, when she released ‘Il Parlait Pas Francais’, one of the first house tunes to be sung in French and a favourite of Francophonic techno DJ Laurent Garnier. She’s subsequently explored singing, production and DJing.

We’re not sure when Simonne’s birthday is but we’re likewise pretty sure she’s not 67. What we do know is that she’s been performing since she was a nipper, ultimately landing regular gigs on Young Talent Time, the Australian kids’ talent show that also kick-started the careers of Danni Minogue and Tina Arena. Ultimately, she made the transition to R&B singing and then to vocal house, subsequently performing at Ministry of Sound in London, and both Space and Pacha in Ibiza, among others.
Victor: Simonne

Collaboration power

Both ladies have made plenty of friends in the dance world, but actual collaborations are a case of quality over quantity. Hanna has worked with Ralf Gum and Purple Records’ Jamie Lewis. She’s also worked with Cutee B, erstwhile partner of French pop-dance DJ Bob Sinclar. For her part, Simonne has made music with Tom Novy and Space, Ibiza resident Sin Plomo. We’re going to have to give this one to Hanna.
Victor: Hanna

Drama leveL

Hanna’s had a lot of success in her time on this planet, including number one Traxsource download hits and contracts with labels like Defected, but not a lot of drama as far as we can see. Sadly, we can’t say the same about Simonne. In 2008 she was attacked with a glass in a nightclub. It shattered and scarred the left-hand side of her face, damaging nerve branches in her cheek and partially paralysing her mouth. Things looked bleak, but with the support of her friends and help from British charity Changing Faces she regained her abilities and confidence, and is back at the peak of her powers.
Victor: Simonne


Well, Simonne’s pretty much won this little battle, but will she win your affections? Check out myspace.com/simonnecooper and hannahais.com to draw your own conclusions.

Hanna performs at Barasti Beach House, Barasti. Simonne performs at Movement, Sanctuary. Both March 25.

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