Full moon in Dubai

March 30 sees another full moon shining on Dubai – and you can use it to its fullest with these great activities

Full moon party
Full moon party
Full Moon Yoga
Full Moon Yoga
Full Moon drumming
Full Moon drumming
Waning moon
Waning moon

Inspired by the parties held on Thailand’s Koh Pha Ngan island each month, Nasimi’s Full Moon Parties might not be quite as hedonistic but are still great fun, and the next edition – held a few days after the actual full moon – is headlined by house music pioneer Frankie Knuckles, who’ll be keeping the crowd kicking up sand all night. It’s especially recommended if you’re new to the city and haven’t had a chance to check out the nightlife fully yet.
Full Moon Party is at Nasimi, Atlantis the Palm (04 390 3333), April 2. Tickets on door: Dhs100; Dhs50 for men before 9pm, free for ladies before 9pm

Go for a ride

All of this energetic stuff is fine and dandy, but sometimes it can distract from the beauty of the moon itself. So why not try something more leisurely? Mushrif Equestrian Club hosts a late-night wander through Mushrif Park on horseback. With the full moon causing the white horses to glow and long shadows in the foliage, it’s an atmospheric night to remember. Group bookings are available, but if you’re feeling romantic you can try the couples-only option that takes you out to the desert.
The Full Moon Ride is at Mushrif Park, March 30 and April 1, Dhs450 per person for a one-and-a-half-hour group ride; Dhs750 total for a three-hour desert ride with picnic. Contact Mushrif Equestrian Club (04-257 1256/www.mushrifec.com)

Stretch yourself

Yoga is a great way to improve your flexibility, strength and overall health, but twisting, turning and sweating in a cramped room isn’t for everyone. Happily, Jumeirah Beach Hotel runs a great (and huge) outdoor yoga session on its Talisa Spa beach every full moon, with mats provided. Beginners should be able to get the hang of it, though experience is recommended.
Full moon yoga is at Talise Spa, JBH (04 366 6818), March 28 and 30. Dhs200 inc one free in-studio lesson


Whatever your beliefs, meditation is an excellent way to relax and clear the mind. And while we at Time Out think that the benefits end there, Terri Allen of the Angels of Light School believes that meditating around the full moon has additional spiritual advantages. ‘Full moons bring emotions to the surface, which helps us release them,’ she says. ‘Write a list of everything you want to release – anger, pain, etc – then go outside and burn it under the moon. Full moons also remove barriers, so meditate on things you want to manifest, whether that’s a new job or meeting new people. Make the release the day before the full moon, so when the moon reaches its fullest you’re ready for the manifestation.

‘Anyone can meditate. Find a quiet space with no disturbances like a television. It helps to light a candle or an incense stick. Some people like to sit up cross legged, but if you’ve got a bad back you can just lie down and meditate. At first, it helps to have a meditation tape, where someone will talk you into the zone. It’s important to think about your breathing: inhale deep and exhale all the things you’ve been holding back.’
For more on meditation, contact Terri Allen on angels@angelsoflightonline.com

Pound a beat

Nothing gets rid of stress like a good round of percussion and a little socialising. And that’s exactly what Full Moon Drumming offers, with food, drink and drums for everyone – including kids, though adults are fine to attend too. No experience or equipment is required, and there are breaks for when your poor arms tire out. The next round will be held a little bit before the full moon but will still have
all the desert-based drumming fun that has made it such a popular event.
Full Moon Drumming is at Gulf Ventures Camp, Mirdif, March 26. Dhs185 adults, Dhs85 kids, www.timeouttickets.com

Moon fact file

Hasan Ahmad al Hariri of Dubai Astronomy Group explains all about the moon
‘The “collision theory” says that when the solar system was being created a planet as big as Mars hit the Earth. The debris from that collision rose into orbit and formed the moon. That’s why moon rock is identical to that of certain Earth rocks.’

Life on Earth
‘Before the collision, the Earth’s rotation was six hours a day, which was a phenomenal speed. But the collision with the moon slowed it down to 24 hours a day, which allowed life to flourish on Earth. The moon’s gravitational pull also creates the tides.’

‘Scientists say that the moon has no direct effect on our lives or our behaviour. Our bodies use the moon’s cycle to adjust, but it doesn’t affect us directly.’

Moon views
‘Don’t look at the moon when it’s full because direct light removes the shadows. If you watch it when it’s in transition you can see the craters.’ To become a member of DAG or see their moon-viewing trips, go online at www.tiny.cc/DAG

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