Ralf Gum in Dubai

German-born, world-travelling DJ Ralf Gum, head of the much-loved Gogo Records, recalls some of the tunes, insects and stalkers from his recent past

Tell us about the last…

…time you thought about giving up DJing
That was in 2009, when the owner of a club in which I was the resident came to me during a set and told me to play more commercial music, while the crowd hit the roof. I didn’t give up DJing, but I did give up working there.

…great tune you heard.
I listen to a lot of music so I hear great tunes on a daily basis, but right now I can hear one of my all-time favourite songs on the radio: Chaka Khan’s ‘I Know You, I Live You’. My wife and I had it played at my wedding as we walked out of the church.

…great tune you made.
As a producer, the last work you did is the one you remember the most, but my last single, ‘Complicated’, is definitely a special one for me. It features US vocalist and trumpeter Kafele and contains everything I like about a good house song: meaningful lyrics, well-sung vocals and a lot of live instrumentation playing interesting harmonies over a great beat. To see it being well received everywhere, even being a radio hit in some countries, is just great.

…time you were terrified.
It was when I returned home from a gig in Greece a few weeks ago. There was a terrible storm in Germany and during the approach for landing the plane was shaking like crazy. I think everybody on the plane was terrified and the lady next to me even threw up. I have never been so glad to be on the ground again. Anyway, it seems that the older I get and the more I fly, the more chicken-hearted I get about it.

…time you were creeped out.
A guy wrote to me on Facebook when I was playing in South Africa, saying ‘I was not only at your gig just now, but I am your stalker. You had room 306 in this hotel last night and you left the hotel again at 11.30am this morning.’ Scary indeed. Luckily I never heard from him again.

…memorable meal you ate.
I was in Asia a while ago and I know that they attach great importance to politeness, so when my hosts asked me what food I’d prefer I said they could choose. This wasn’t very clever of me as we ate insects for dinner. Or at least I pretended to eat them.

…amusing injury you sustained.
I saw my wife starting to fall down the stairs in our home. When I tried to catch her, I fell down myself. It must have looked like a cheap comedy programme. Thankfully we weren’t seriously injured, and we both laughed out loud.

Ralf Gum plays MustHaveSoul, April 10, 360°, free

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