Marc Lottering interview

The South African comedian shows us the funny

Tell us a funny…

…audience ice breaker.
I don’t really have a funny ‘ice breaker’ moment, but I can tell you that, three years ago, someone’s waters broke on the way home from watching my show. So I think I’m great for labour pains.

I’ve never ever, ever been heckled. I guess it’s because I’m a decent-looking nice guy who dresses well and smells great. And I’m modest.

…personal experience.
Funny personal experiences live with me daily. Like last night. I quietly farted at a small dinner party, and carried on chatting as though it could never possibly be me. No-one suspected me. The thing about farting in an intimate group is that you must not look guilty, and carry on chatting. Loudly, and confidently.

Perth, Australia, though it’s more weird than funny. I’ve been there a few times to perform. Every day seems to be a public holiday. Suspiciously quiet. Until I get there, of course. The shows are always rocking. And for that I have to thank the South African expats. But as for the Oz locals living in Perth – oh dear!


A brown sausage dog. A dachshund. I have one, so I know what I’m talking about. She sleeps all day. She believes that the world owes her everything. She manipulates everyone. She’s totally good-looking. She’s soooo me.

My silent fart at a dinner party.

Marc Lottering plays Chi, April 30, Dhs175.

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