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In the first of his monthly looks at favourite albums old and new, Virgin Radio’s Kris Fade enthuses about a modern club classic

Music feature
Music feature

David Guetta One Love
The French are already famous for their bread, fashion, perfume, even your local Carrefour – but now their dance music has taken over. French-born DJ and producer David Guetta has always been big in the clubbing scene, but the past 12 months, which have seen him releasing smash hits such as ‘When Love Takes Over’, have taken him from star to super-celebrity.

So it’s no wonder that the album that kicked it all off, One Love, has sold enough copies that if you stacked them up, they’d tower over the Burj Khalifa. No doubt some of that success is down to the guest stars – collaborations with musicians such as Akon, Kelly Rowland, Ne-Yo, Kid Cudi and create an album with a sound that everyone can love. The fact that his last Dubai show sold out within a few hours and my 60-year-old father was calling from Australia to ask who sings ‘Sexy Chick’ (Akon, if you’re wondering) illustrates the fact that David Guetta has crossed over from the DJ booth to the world stage.

This may sound like a broad statement, but if you’re into pop music at all then you’ll be into this. Guetta has an exceptional ability to take his unique sound and mix it with all types of styles. Whether you’re hitting
a club or chilling at the beach, One Love will have a place in your heart.
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