Noush Like Sploosh

Guitar, harmonica, loop kits and a sassy, jazzy style with Mumbai/Dubai-based singer Noush Like Sploosh

Touting a guitar, harmonica, loop kits and a sassy, jazzy style, Mumbai/Dubai-based singer Noush Like Sploosh – we’re not sure where that name came from, but we’re sure it’s a great story – is one of the most interesting artists knocking around our shores. She seems most happy wrapping her wry, playful lyrics (she’s a storyteller as much as a musician) in jangly guitar melodies and perky swing rhythms, but the most recent update on her MySpace page, the hypnotic, dark, Suzanne Vega-esque ‘3 Act Circus’, suggests that there’s plenty more to her abilities just waiting to be revealed.

So we’ll be very interested to see what she comes up with this week, as part of The Fridge’s all-new spring/summer musical season. With a string of gigs and festivals in India under her belt, we expect her to put on a fine show.
Noush Like Sploosh plays The Fridge on May 17, Dhs50, must pre-book on

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