Need a refresher? Check out these Black Box/Dr Alban vids on our website

Black Box: ‘Ride on Time’
This video must have cost about Dhs50 to make, what with it being not much more than a few shots of New York, some swirly colours and Catherine Quinol, the face of Black Box, dancing about. But she’s very attractive, so it remains highly watchable.

Black Box: ‘Fantasy’
This brilliant singalong slice of soulful pop (all together now: ‘And we… will live… togetheeeer, until… the 12th… of neveeeer’) is inexplicably illustrated by a group of old men playing draughts while a faintly androgynous man dazzles a woman with his girly hair.

Dr Alban: ‘It’s My Life’
Man, people used to have attention spans back in the day: it takes about a minute and a quarter before the lyrics even start to kick in. Never mind – we were kept entertained by Dr Alban’s quirky ‘counter-cultural’ friends and awesomely cheesy breakdancers Oh, the 1990s. Where are you now?

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