Ohm Records’ birthday

The May 27 edition of iLL Communications is also the seven-year anniversary party for Dubai’s Ohm Records


Why should we be celebrating the seventh birthday of Ohm Records?
Seven years is a really long time in the music industry – even more so in Dubai. When Ohm Records started, it was the only record shop in the Middle East; we had no idea how far it would go and no idea that we’d even be doing events. We’ve had successes and been recognised, and I think anyone that can stay in this industry for so long should be celebrated.

What does the party have in store for us?
At our iLL Communications parties, the crowd has so much energy that you get a great vibe. And we have DJ Troy Pierce (right) coming over from Berlin, which is definitely exciting. We’ve been trying to get him here for a long time. He’s on one of the top minimal house and techno labels in the world – Minus – and we’re thrilled he was available on this date. So the music’s going to be great and the evening is going to have a really good energy. Plus we may just have some surprises up our sleeves.

Will he be singing you happy birthday? Or jumping out of an enormous cake?
I don’t think he’ll be jumping out of a cake – I don’t think he’ll be singing at all! I just think he’ll be laying down some solid tracks.

What should we bring to the party?
Everyone should come in comfortable shoes so they can dance all night.

What’s it like being the only independent record store in the Middle East and South Asia?
It makes Ohm kind of a novelty. Everything has gone digital and we now sell more equipment than we do records; CDJs, turntables, headphones, Traktor software, that sort of thing. But certain people still come in to buy vinyl. The events started because the company wasn’t making enough money from record sales, and that side of the business has taken off, but the store is where we started. I think it’s great being the only one; it makes us special.

Is there a real sense of community in the local music scene?
Definitely. As with any niche music scene, we’re all a family – promoters, DJs, anyone that comes to our store or to our events. We have people that come every week and they’re always right in front of the DJ booth; it’s great because the DJs just feed off their energy. There’s a sense of unity there – familiar faces everywhere. And even the people that aren’t familiar with our night always feel like they’re part of the vibe.
The whole community will be out for our birthday party, as will the entire Ohm Records team.

What would be the ideal gift now that Ohm is seven?
Oh, that’s really difficult… Maybe the whole team could take a vacation to Berlin for a weekend. We could go to [drum ’n’ bass club] Watergate or [techno club] Panorama. That would be amazing!

Ohm Records’ iLL Communications birthday party is at Madinat Rooftop, May 27, Dhs100, ladies and Face Card holders free before 11pm; www.timeouttickets.com. Ohm Records’ store is in Bur Dubai – see www.ohmrecords.com for directions.

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