Dave Crane’s Hypno Show

Life coach and hypnotherapist Dave Crane can make your dog disappear

Dave Crane is something of a Renaissance man. He’s a DJ, a compère, a neuro-linguistic programmer, a life coach, a practitioner of pranic healing and a former project leader of the UK social group Middlesbrough Youth Against Crime. Good grief. We thought getting our 100m swimming certificate was an accomplishment.

More importantly for us, Dave is also a trained and certified hypnotherapist. While he mainly uses those powers for good – stopping people from smoking, helping with weight loss and so on – he also uses them for mischief. That’s the basis for his fortnightly show, which returns to the new Diamond Lounge venue on May 27. He’ll be zapping people into thinking they can speak Martian, making them believe their invisible dog is missing and all kinds of other fun stuff.

It’s all in good humour, so if you and your friends don’t mind letting yourselves go and are up for a laugh, you should definitely give it a whirl. Just bear in mind that the hypnosis doesn’t work if you’ve been drinking alcohol.

Dave Crane plays Diamond Lounge on Sheikh Zayed Road, May 27, Dhs125, www.timeouttickets.com

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