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Adam Lambert

For Your Entertainment

‘And the winner is… not you!’ That’s what happened to Adam Lambert in the last season of American Idol, finishing as runner-up behind the arguably less talented Kris Allen. But coming in second hasn’t stopped this guy having a top 10 worldwide hit.

Lambert was recently compared to Queen frontman Freddie Mercury, even to the point of possibly replacing the legend and fronting a new Queen revival. Much like Catwoman, Lambert has the ability to squeeze himself into tight black leather, and somehow pull it off. Not an easy feat for a man, even if he does wear make-up.

Lambert was not a hit with everyone on the show last year, but his debut album For Your Entertainment has really impressed the critics, not only for Lambert’s amazing voice, but also for the different choice of song styles: a strong rock/pop sound that’s hit by electro pop later in the album.

His first single, ‘What Ya Want from Me?’ (written by Pink) reiterates the talent of this young Californian boy, and to be honest, it’s extremely catchy even the first time you hear it. At Virgin Radio HQ, it’s becoming one of the most-requested tunes from all ages. The sleeve contains some rather odd Zoolander-esque pictures of this 28-year-old man who somehow still seems to be going through puberty.

Move over Robbie Williams – there’s a new entertainer on stage. People, please welcome Adam Lambert.
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