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We find out how the Dubai club night intends to celebrate, and meet the star attractions


If you’ve not yet been to a Peppermint Xperience club night, you have no excuse to miss the exclusive sixth birthday party on July 1, where DJs Hernan Cattaneo and Steve Lawler are expected to crank the celebrations up a few notches. Peppermint hosted its first night back in 2004 and has become a hit not just with music lovers and dance addicts, but with some of the world’s top DJs, having hosted big names including David Guetta, Sasha, Paul van Dyk and David Morales during its six-year reign. Peppermint has grown into one of the biggest club brands Dubai has ever seen; it also seems to have taught these celebs thing or two about Dubai, because they keep coming back for more.

So what can you expect at the sixth birthday party? We caught up with the two headlining DJs to see what they’ll be cooking up on the night.

Hernan Cattaneo, the DJ’s DJ, talks Dubai, music and more…

You’ve played all over the world. Where do you think has the greatest demand for the kind of electronic music you play?
Luckily, electronic music is popular all over the world. Some cities are more updated or cutting edge, but in general it works in all continents.

Do you prefer producing and recording, or DJing to a crowd?
I enjoy both – they are very different. In the studio it’s calmer, and on stage there’s a lot of adrenalin.

What current music do you think people should be listening to?
There’s not just one genre – there is a lot of great music out there. Not only electronic, but also rock, pop and R&B.

Are you excited about Peppermint’s sixth birthday?
Of course I am. I’ve played Peppermint many times and I’m happy they invited me to the birthday.

What kind of sound can we expect from your set?
I always start with deep and melodic house to warm people up, then I build it up through the night.

Should we bring a gift to Peppermint’s party?
Yes – a lot of energy to celebrate!

Aside from peppermints (of course), what’s your favourite sweet?
I love an Argentinian kind of caramel called Dulce de Leche [made from caramelised sugar and milk].

World-renowned DJ and producer Steve Lawler gives us the lowdown on the big event and shares his birthday secrets…

Are you excited about playing at Peppermint?
Definitely. Peppermint has always been the best gig in the whole of the UAE – the crowd want to party, the promoter wants to party. Everyone wants to get involved, which makes for a great night.

What was your best birthday ever?
On my 30th birthday everybody organised a big party, then I played at Space [in Ibiza]; I got a big cake, which came out when I was playing. I’m not normally particularly fussed about birthdays, but everyone really made such an effort and helped to make it so special. My birthday lasted a week that year.

What’s the worst birthday gift you’ve ever received?
A pair of Simpsons pyjamas! I do like The Simpsons, but I don’t need the PJs [laughs].

Where is your favourite place to DJ?
Either Argentina or Romania. They’re both in a different league – the people there have a pure love for the underground and it’s always amazing to play out there.

Have you had any DJing disasters?
Many years ago I was playing at a warehouse party in the UK. While I was playing it got closed down; the power went out. I had to find all my things and records and get out of the venue.

Will you be bringing a gift to Peppermint’s party?
I’ll bring all my best music.

What kind of thing can we expect from your set?
I’m going to bring lots of energy and a party – expect some new music!

Peppermint’s sixth birthday party is at Dubai World Trade Centre on July 1, 9pm, Dhs100 regular, Dhs150 VIP;

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