Kris Fade music review

Virgin Radio’s Kris Fade dissects albums old and new

Mike Posner

31 Minutes to Takeoff

Mike Posner claims to have sacrificed his social life in the past year. Why? To produce an album that sounds a bit like ‘poprockhopizzle’ – which means he has the ability to mix any number of styles and make them sound pretty darn good. His pop/hip-hop-fusing hit single, ‘Cooler Than Me’, made the top 10 in charts around the world. And from what we hear, it’s doing well with UAE audiences too.

Even at the tender age of 22, Posner has already worked with renowned artists including Jay-Z, Kanye West, Ben Folds and Kid Cudi. When asked what his musical influences are, he rattles off names such as Led Zepplin, Nas, Pearl Jam, Talib Kweli, Paul Simon, Elton John, Billy Joel, Outkast, Eric Clapton and Nirvana – a list that explains not only his musical scope, but also his producer’s ear. In other words, as he says, ‘I know when something’s dope.’ If you have some dirhams waiting to be spent on music, you can’t go far wrong with this gem of a debut album.
31 Minutes to Takeoff is available in stores now.

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