Armin van Buuren in Dubai

World’s biggest DJ at Peppermint Xperience this weekend

It is not possible to tell you just how excited we are that Armin van Buuren is back in Dubai.

Make no mistake – the world’s biggest DJ is the hottest name in dance music.

We’re not talking about brilliant DJ sets in Ibiza, Miami or his native Amsterdam. We’re talking about ripping up the rule book and giving Dubai the best party it has ever seen.

That is what hundreds of clubbers said after the Time Out Nightlife award-winning set at the Dubai World Trade Centre last New Year’s Eve.

He has been voted the planet’s best DJ three years in a row and anybody who is serious about their house music should get their tickets for the November 15 event.

We’ll make it easy for you – click here to guarantee your ticket now.

Still not made your mind up? Check out the video above to see Armin’s massively popular Youtube hit. With more than 65,000,000 views it is one of the most viewed videos on the internet and if you want to see the performance of a lifetime yourself get your ticket today.

We caught up with the Dutch mega-DJ and chatted with him about life, music and success.

Why do you think you’ve been voted the world’s best by DJ Magazine three years in a row?
I don’t think it’s the best DJ. Maybe it has something to do with popularity. There are a lot of reasons; I have a radio show that’s in 40 countries on FM and in the States on XM, with 6 million listeners every week. I have been doing a lot of compilations since 2002. I have had a couple of hit singles like ‘Burn with Desire’, ‘Yet Another Day’ and the new one, ‘Full Focus’ – I am co-owner of Armada Records, based in Holland, and we produce a lot of records on Beatport. Mostly, I have been going to the States a lot, touring every two or three months, DJ’ing up and down the country.

Trance music seems like it has stuck around a good long time. Are you into the way it is changing?
I don’t think trance has ever been one type of sound. I think trance has always been evolving. The trance of now sounds different than that of five years ago. If you ask me if I still play trance, I say yes, but am I still playing the same records as five years ago? Definitely not. You move on.

Is there something about the Dutch love of life that translates into being a good DJ?
Trance music gives you a full journey, and I feel that some other dance-music styles don’t do that; they stick to one sound. You’re a trance music DJ, and you’re allowed to go from 125 bpm to 145 bpm. If I look at my record case right now, I play a lot of tracks that are labelled as minimal, as electro, as house, as trance. You can get away with playing anything as long as you are taking [listeners] on a journey. That journey element and the euphoric element are really important for trance. Trance music works toward a climax.

You sometimes play 12-hour sets. Can you take a break?
No. Talking about it, it sounds tiring. But doing a 12-hour set is the most rewarding thing for a DJ. Mind this, I’m not playing guitar for 12 hours; I’m playing other people’s records. I show up, put my hands in the air to other people’s music. That’s what I get paid for. A lot of people know me from the high-energy two- or three-hour sets, but there’s so much great music out there; as we speak, there’s hundreds of hours being made. In a longer set, I’m my own warm-up DJ, I’m my own highlight DJ and I’m my own closing DJ.
Armin van Buuren in Surreal at Peppermint Xperience.

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