James Blunt album review

People really stick the boot into Blunty. But still he soldiers on

Some Kind of Trouble

People really do stick the boot into ol’ Blunty. But still he soldiers on with his faintly morose, MOR tunesmithery. Thankfully on the 36-year-old’s third album, the man is feeling a bit more chipper. First single ‘Stay the Night’ positively radiates sunshine and ‘I’ll Be Your Man’ involves handclaps! The highlight is certainly ‘So Far Gone’, just the sort of zingy piano-pop at which Keane excelled in the early days.

But there’s enough cheese on this record to furnish a fondue for the Klumps, and as soon as Blunt gets lyrically frisky, it’s all over. ‘There’s nowhere else to go, I hope you’ll stay the night,’ he sings on ‘Stay the Night’. It doesn’t sound like he’s giving the apple of his eye much of an option. Elsewhere he rocks it up raspily: ‘Why get complicated, you know you wanna turn me on.’ Phew! Someone take a moist towelette to his white-hot brow! All this from a man who sounds like he doesn’t actually have a set of cojones.

And there’s the rub – Blunt’s voice is just too damn reedy. We’ll take Jack Johnson over James Blunt any day.

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