Melanie Blatt in Dubai

Former All Saint singer is coming to Dubai to DJ at Chi

Interview, Hot seat

How did the Dubai gig happen?
I just got a call from our agent. It was a lovely surprise because I’d just come back from holiday the day before. I visited Dubai a few years back for a quick holiday with my daughter and sister and loved it.

Have you decide what you’ll be playing here?
Not yet. [DJ sidekick] K-Gee and I adapt to wherever we go. They want stuff from the ’90s and noughties; some classic dance tunes. I don’t sing while DJing – I just play the tracks.

Is this part of a DJ tour?
No – I started playing with DJ K-Gee about a year ago. I’m still finding my feet, but DJing is definitely one of the best things I’ve ever done. It’s everything I like in one job: listening to music, dancing and going out, all wrapped into one.

Is anything happening with All Saints now?
Not at the moment, although I still see the other members – we live near each other. They’re all doing brilliantly.

What were the highlight of your career in All Saints?
There were lots. Career-wise, it would be when we did our first little tour, or getting a Brit Award [Best British Single for ‘Never Ever’ in 1998]. But the most important times to me were when we all laughed so much we couldn’t breathe.

You were all very famous for your style – vests and baggy cargo pants. Do you still wear the same kind of stuff?
[Laughs very hard] No! My style is fairly classic. I don’t do outrageous. I know what suits me and I don’t usually veer away from that. Lots of black. [My daughter] Lily hates it.

What are your hopes for 2011?
Lots of travel; hopefully lots more DJ gigs. I’d love to get a regular slot in Dubai – that would be lovely. And to enjoy the year, and for myself and my daughter to be happy.

After your role in 2001 Brit movie Dog Eat Dog, are you planning to do more acting?
I’d never say never, but music is where my heart is.

What do you do when you’re not working?
I’m a professional TV watcher; I’m really good at it. The more rubbish the show, the more likely I am to watch it. Celebrity reality TV is my favourite.

What’s the best celebrity reality TV show?
Oh my, there are so many: there’s Celebrity Come Dine with Me, which is amazing. I’ve just started to get into Celebrity Five Go To…, a travel show.

Would you like to appear on any of the shows?
No! Never! I just want to watch from the safety of my sofa!

Any advice for female singers starting out?
Be faithful to yourself. Even if you have success, it doesn’t really pay off as much as if you’d stuck to your guns in the first place. Stick to your morals.

Melanie Blatt plays Chi on January 28.

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