Dub Pistols in Dubai

Barry Ashworth returns to Dubai for a Trilogy DJ set


The Dub Pistols frontman returns to Dubai this week for a set at popular alternative night See You Next Friday at Trilogy. We caught up with him in Thailand ahead of his trip to fill you in with some background information.

He’s always travelling when it’s winter at home in the UK.
‘I try to do two months in places such as Thailand and Australia, or somewhere else around Asia, and do a couple of shows a week and spend the rest of my time on the beach. Fantastic. I just can’t bear the English weather – it does my head in. So when it gets cold it’s time to do one. I’m looking forward to festival season starting again.’

Hangovers take him by surprise.
‘I usually have a bottle of Russia’s finest while I’m playing, as well as drinks beforehand when we’re playing live. So I don’t know why I’m hung over this morning. I don’t get hangovers – what’s going on? I really don’t know what I was doing. It wasn’t good. I think I did all of it. That’s the problem sometimes, you get greedy.’

His best ever gig was alongside The Specials at Bestival in the UK.
‘I can’t remember which year it was – 2008 I think – but we got together with guitarist Lynval Golding and singer Terry Hall and it was the first time they’d performed together in who knows how many years. We
did ‘Gangsters’ and ‘Our Lips Are Sealed’ and a few Specials numbers. Having been a huge fan, I was just in heaven.’

Not every gig has been a success.
‘I’ve lived through some really dreadful ones. We were performing a live concert in Croatia once in front of an audience of about 15,000 people and the entire speaker system went over – completely trashed the sound system right in the middle of a live broadcast. That was pretty embarrassing.’

He’s extremely accident-prone.
‘My aim for this year is to not have an injury and end up in hospital. Two years ago I was DJing on New Year’s Eve in Thailand, and the stage sort of collapsed and I went through it. I didn’t realise it, but I was walking around for two or three days with a rusty nail stuck in my leg, which got so badly infected I spent the next six weeks going back to hospital because it kept spreading. It was horrible. I’ve broken my leg a couple of times on stage as well. Not the best thing to do.’

He’s a fan of Dubai.
‘It’s totally different to UK clubbing and European clubbing because of the different laws, but I’ve always found that we seem to get a lot of expats that are always going quite mental, so I’m going to enjoy it. There’s plenty to do in Dubai and there’s always loads going on. I can’t remember the name of the place I went for a curry there, but it was the best curry I’ve ever had in the world. It was unbelievable!’

Barry Ashworth plays See You Next Friday at Trilogy on February 4.

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