Dubai sneaker summit

Dubai’s first Sneaker Summit is coming to thejamjar


Next week sees Dubai’s first Sneaker Summit kicking off at thejamjar, with artists, musicians and sneaker lovers all converging for an event that explores how different arts influence, and are influenced by, ‘sneaker culture’. As we prepare to rub shoulders with the city’s most creative minds, we chatted to 27-year-old Mumbai-born musician Noush like Sploosh (who is surprisingly coy about her real name), one of the acts playing at the event.

She’s been busy since we last saw her in May.
‘I started working on my album which is 80 per cent complete. I named it: I’m calling it Wind Cycle. I shot a music video in my parents’ garage with three other artists. I also put a band together: we played at DFC, a couple of parties, a New Year’s Eve gig and the Radisson Blu in Media City.’

If people want to get to know her, there’s one song in particular they should listen to.
‘I recently wrote a song called ‘Lonely at Night’, which I’m trying to get a decent recording of. There’s a live version of it on my MySpace, but that’s not a great one. I think that’s my favourite song I’ve written for a little while, because it’s really playful.’

She’s a bit of a nomad.
‘I don’t know where I’m based right now. I don’t really know how to answer that question ever, because as soon as I answer it everything changes, so I’m just going where I need to be.’

She quit her day job last year to become a full-time musician.
‘I had a job that I quit to start the album. I do freelance work on illustration and animation projects, and my own projects, which helps a lot, especially through that October-November season in Dubai. I did a lot of mural painting and I did some illustration for an entrepreneurship event and got to perform there as well.’

Her gig at the Sneaker Summit is (indirectly) thanks to a razor.
‘I met Chris [co-founder of the Summit] when I did a commission for Philips in October – they asked five artists to interpret their new product, a men’s electric razor, and we built an instrument. Chris was one of the artists and we hung out, so we got to know each other there. Then he called me up for this a couple of weeks ago.’

She’s into her shoes.
‘I like sneakers a lot – I’ve always had a favourite pair. When I was a teenager in Dubai you couldn’t really buy them very easily. There were a couple of stores where you could buy them really cheaply, but everywhere else was just ridiculous.’

She’s got Tom and Jerry to thank for her sound.
‘I find I’m quite influenced by music from the cartoons I saw as I was growing up: Raymond Scott, Scott Bradley, and things like Tom and Jerry because they’re actually musically really intricate. When you listen to the score, it’s really quite a piece of work.’

There’s no such thing as a guilty pleasure in her book.
‘I don’t feel guilty about pleasure. Yeah, I like ’90s dance music and I’m proud of it!

Noush like Sploosh plays the Sole DXB Sneaker Summit at thejamjar on February 24.

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