Keang Kiew Wan Kai recipe

The chefs at Beachcombers share a green curry chicken recipe


Try out this delicious Thai flavoured green curry chicken served with jasmine rice and a refreshing cucumber salad at home.

The recipe

•700g chicken thigh (diced)
•700g steamed jasmine rice

•400g egg plant
•60g red chilli
•60g green chilli
•20g Thai basil leaves
•20g lime leaves green curry sauce
•60g green curry paste
•10g lime leaves
•600ml coconut milk
•50ml condensed milk

Cucumber salad
•300g cucumber (cut into thin-slices)
•60g sliced onion
•30g chilli (Julienne)
•100g sugar
•50ml vinegar
•10g salt

•60g fish gravy sauce
•70g sugar garnishing
•20g deep fried Thai basil leaves

1 Blanch the chicken in boiling water and cool quickly. Put to the side till needed.

2 Heat up oil in the wok, add green curry paste and stir until fragrant.

3 Add lime leaves and coconut milk, add also the fish gravy and sugar, season to taste.

4 Bring to boil and then simmer with the addition of the chicken, egg plant, chilli, lime leaves and basil leaves. Cook until the chicken is nice and tender.

5 Place the chicken curry in the curry bowl, garnish with the deep fried Thai basil leaves.

6 Served with jasmine rice and cucumber salad.

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The chefs at Beachcombers share a green curry chicken recipe


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