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Singer talks to Time Out about Big Brother, the Dubai heat and gold

Interview, Hot seat

What are you working on at the moment?
I came out of the UK’s Celebrity Big Brother House [in January 2010] and I started working on an album called Indrupendence Day with my group, Dru Hill, which we put out independently on iTunes. I’ve also started working on my new album Last Dragon. It’s been pushed back a thousand times, and it’s been about 11 years now, but I figured now was the best time because 2012 is the Year of the Dragon again.

We hear you stopped for Arabic food on Dhiyafah Street the other night, how was that?
Oh yeah, it was awesome. It was 3am and there were little kids running around and I was like, ‘what is going on?’ and then I realised hey, Dubai is freaking hot, so I guess everybody comes out at night.

Is it not too hot for you?
Trust, I’ve experienced heat. I’ve been everywhere, this is probably the hottest, but I’ve been to Nigeria and the Congo, and they were extremely hot.

And the latter rather dangerous?
Yeah it is, I’m not sure if I’ll be going back any time soon.

Do you still have to do ‘The Thong Song’ wherever you go?
Well yeah, but I’m not performing [it properly anymore], it’s not to be confused with a performance. When I perform (my new material) its blown out, me and my dancers come out flipping, the whole ‘shabbam’.

I can’t help but notice you’ve got quite a lot of jewellery on there – is this something you shop for in Dubai?
Not for jewellery. These are my signature pieces that I design on my own. Technically, all of my jewellery pieces are weapons, but don’t tell the airlines [laughs]. There’s spikes sticking up round here and there [indicates bracelet]. I know if you get poked by it you’ll be standing there with holes in you, so I hug fans with the other arm [laughs].

So you’re not going to pick up any new pieces here then?
No I don’t think so.

It’s tax-free…
Now that you put it that way I might have to take a look. I do think I need to maybe get a pinkie ring… try some new rings out. Or maybe I could get like a duplicate of this [points to enormous bracelet]. That would work.

You could get a chain to link the two and you’d be ready for them at the airport.
[laughs] Yeah, now that I think about it I’ll maybe double it up.

Airports-providing, will we be seeing you back here a little sooner this time?
Well yeah, as I said 2012 is when we are releasing the Last Dragon album and hopefully you’ll start to hear the new music hit the clubs and you’ll see me back soon.
Indrupendence Day is available for download now from iTunes

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