Yolanda Be Cool interview

Australian dance duo on returning to Dubai and living in Ibiza


Yolanda Be Cool (the guys behind Dubai radio fave ‘We No Speak Americano’) made their second trip in two years to Dubai last week. Although they didn’t actually get to perform (licensing problems meant their XL Beach Club gig was canned), we still managed to corner Matt, one half of the duo, for a catch-up.

You’re based in Ibiza instead of Australia at the moment. Why did you make the move?
It’s really hard to do gigs in Europe and America from Australia every weekend, so we decided we needed a European base. And we can’t be anywhere in summer that’s not near the water because we grew up on the beach. It’s been amazing because we’ve got a studio under the house and lots of people have been coming over – every big DJ and artist in the world has visited.

Any plans to move there permanently?
We were talking about it the other day. If everything goes well and our album is well received, we’d spend the summer in Ibiza, autumn in Berlin, spring in New York and December and January in Sydney. We’d never get cold! [Laughs]

How are things progressing with the album?
Really well. It’s not finished, but we’ve got loads of the tracks at about 85 per cent complete, and the collaborations are pretty awesome. We’re really, really excited. Some of those opportunities have come up because we’re based in Europe and are able to get to America more easily now. When you’re in Australia it’s harder to do collaborations with anyone who isn’t from Australia.

Who have you collaborated with on the album?
I probably shouldn’t say… I don’t know if I’m allowed to. Some really current people and some old-school people who don’t deserve to be forgotten.

Give us a clue.
There’s one guy from America who is probably one of the biggest pop dudes; then there’s another old-school hip-hop guy. There’s a 60-year-old lady who is a legendary gospel singer. We’re working with one of the most exciting Australian artists, which is pretty crazy.

When can we hear it?
The first single is all wrapped up, so that should be out in the next month. I think we have a single out six weeks after that, and the album will probably be another six weeks after that. Hopefully around October 1.

So although your gig last week was cancelled, you still went along to the club to party with fans. Will you reschedule?
Yeah, we were really disappointed about the circumstances that prevented us from performing, but we’d definitely like to come back to Dubai.
Yolanda Be Cool’s current releases are available to download at www.beatport.com

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