Fair Ohs

East London punk-inflicted group's playful debut

Everything is Dancing

From their music, it’s easy to imagine a bunch of skinny boys in skinny jeans with skinny hair nimblehopping about on stage in their unsupportive-of-the-arch Dhs30 plimsolls. In fact, Fair Ohs are manly sorts, with tattoos and facial hair, who are au fait with shorts (many men in bands are unsure how to rock an exposed calf).

Since forming several years ago, kicking around east London with like-minded music-makers Cold Puma, Male Bonding, Graffiti Island, Spectrals et al, Fair Ohs have gone from sounding like rather rubbish Shellac to hardcore kids (think scene figureheads Gorilla Biscuits/Minor Threat/Bad Brains), before ending up here, a punk-inflected, tropicali-guitar-pop outfit. Their careening tunes are solidly anchored in bounding basslines overlaid with flighty, highlife-heady guitar licks and a punchy, two-pronged vocal attack.

Occasionally their songs descend into freeform noise noodlings (‘Almost Island’), or their hardcore roots come to the fore (‘Katasraj’). Sometimes they dial it all down and expose a tender underbelly (‘Marie’). By and large, a giddy, playful debut.

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