Cerebral Ballzy

Furious and energetically jabbering skate-punk/hardcore from New York

Cerebral Ballzy

‘Drug Myself Dumb’. ‘Don’t Tell Me what to Do’. ‘Puke Song’. Not, unsurprisingly, songs from a James Morrison album, but reflecting the world view of Brooklyn’s Cerebral Ballzy, whose dire pun stands in direct, inverse proportion to the quality of their furious and energetically jabbering skate-punk/hardcore.

On the one hand, the music of this five-piece is more retro than a Wes Humpston skateboard, their radical anti-authoritarianism actually a revered baton passed down the years from Black Flag and Bad Brains to Three Inches Of Blood. On the other hand, it’s still thrilling, the high-speed distillation of couldn’t-give-a-hoot youthful fury with an edge of danger and a dash of dumb hedonism. ‘We just like beer, girls, pizza and tre flipz,’ (they’re 360° kickflips – we checked) claims vocalist Honor Titus. But if that were the extent of this mixed-race skatecrew’s reach, their 12-track, 19-minute statement of intent would be far less engaging. As it stands? Still rad after all these years.

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