Belleruche live in Dubai

Time Out catches up with frontwoman Katherine deBoer, guitarist Ricky Fabulous and turntablist DJ Modest

What makes you different from other electro bands?
Ricky: Not sure, but we don't really think of ourselves as an electro band. Despite using samplers, computers and MPCs to make our music – we actually play live. We haven't aimed to make a particular style of music and our influences are pretty varied. Katherine is listening to the best of Ruth Brown, I’m playing Pulled Apart by Horses, and Tim [DJ Modest] has Buck 65 on repeat. In our view, we just make music, genres feel quite limiting.

Where’s the weirdest place you’ve ever performed?
Katherine: The Forbidden City in China was quite out there. We had an amazing experience and fantastic time in Beijing. We played in a classical concert hall to a suited, and rather reserved, Ministry of Culture. Let’s just say there was no dancing in the aisles.

What are your fans like, have you ever had a stalker?
Our fans are really diverse, like our music. They’re pretty chilled out in general and up for a good time. We have had our share of enthusiastic fans, but nothing so scary that it couldn't be handled by leaving the country the next day.

If you had to be any other band, who would it be?
Led Zeppelin.

If you lost your hearing, what career would you turn to?
Ricky: Modeling. Tim: Farmer. Katherine: Go-go dancing.

Who’s you favourite artist to collaborate with and why?
Ricky: That’s hard. It’s got to be between Dorian Concept and Nosaj Thing. Drift is an incredible album; I listened to it 20 times within two days. His music is earnest, honest and is meticulous to detail. We have played some of his music on our podcasts.

What are you doing next, gig and release-wise?
We've been pretty busy over the summer writing, recording and producing an album. We’ll release it in 2012, check our website and facebook for updates. We’ll also preview new tracks on there and experiment with new tracks at our shows.

What should people expect from the gig tomorrow?
Three pale, un-acclimatised musicians playing loud, beatsy music in the sun, in a cabana. Seriously, it will be fun. Bring a bikini – we’ll bring ours!
5pm-6pm, October 7, Barasti, Le Meridien Mina Seyahi

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