Tom Ravenscroft interview

Seven things you didn't know about UK DJ


UK DJ Tom Ravenscroft convinced the likes of rock heavyweights the Manic Street Preachers and The Duke Spirit to cut a live session straight onto vinyl for the On Track with SEAT series – check it out on YouTube now. We sat down with the 31-year-old BBC Radio 6 DJ, son of the iconic John Peel, to learn a little more about him.

He had a fiery baptism into live music.
‘One of the earliest concerts I can remember was one of the first ever Nirvana gigs in London, the famous one at the 100 Club. I was very, very young indeed. I must have been a little kid – I spent the whole evening on my dad’s shoulders. It wasn’t that busy, but I remember loads of guys, and no one had tops on. And it was very noisy. I remember it being kind of violent, and coming home and thinking: what the hell was that?’

He has an old-school boudoir.
‘Hilariously, a friend of mine came into my room at my mum’s house the other day and was like “Wow, your room is still like a child’s room.” I still have The Fall posters up. I used to buy posters from this American website when I was a teenager. They had these Curve posters that were billboard-size, and I had two; they’d cover the whole wall of your bedroom. So I had two walls in my bedroom that were just Curve posters.’

He was a school dinner lady.
‘I was a dinner lady for about four years. It was very humbling. I used to go to the slightly crummy state school in the local town, and when it finished at 3.30pm I would cycle to the local private school to serve them dinner. I think their food was worse, mainly because I was making it. I did that for years; it was a humbling experience, serving food to kids your age. But I managed to buy a motorbike out of it.’

He’s a public service information film waiting to happen.
‘I recently decided it would be a good idea to chuck an empty crate of fireworks on to a bonfire that was surrounded by children, not realising that there were clearly loads that hadn’t gone off. Lots of my friends who have babies weren’t impressed. There was a moment where there were adults diving military-style and pinning kids to the ground, thinking: I’ll sacrifice my own eyes.’

He hates small dogs.
‘I got attacked by a pack of Jack Russells once – I think they only come in packs. It was at the private school up the road. I snuck into their playground, which, bizarrely, seemed to be patrolled by a pack of Jack Russells. I’ve hated them ever since. If you’re gonna buy a dog, don’t buy a dog the size of a cat.’

He has a spooky psychic sister.
‘Whenever my sister dreams that somebody’s going to die, they do, which is quite troubling for her. So I’m quite glad I don’t. I rarely see anything coming, quite frankly.’

He has a great deal of difficulty getting home.
‘Me and my friend got a cab from one side of London to another; we fell asleep and ended up at Stansted. We found out afterwards that the guy driving us was out of his mind. He was singing a lot. He then pulled over a police car to ask for directions. We were in the car for four hours for a 15-minute journey. Most of the taxis that I get from the BBC on a Friday night are often quite similar to that. I had an absolute lunatic last week, in fact – the guy had no idea where he was going, so they sent out a taxi to pick me up from my taxi.’
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