Luciano interview

We speak to Swiss-Chilean DJ ahead of Peppermint Experience gig

Swiss-Chilean DJ is Headlining the latest Peppermint Experience party at the Dubai World Trade Centre on Friday.

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Seen as one of the rising stars of the dance music scene Luciano follows in a long line of incredible DJs to perform under the Peppermint Experience banner.

We caught up with Luciano ahead of the December 9, gig to get his views on Dubai, DJing and his life to date.

You’ve never played Dubai before. What do you expect from us?

I never expect anything, I m always free for surprise.

You’re playing a huge space – what challenges does that represent as a DJ?
The challenge for a DJ is not to fill a room. The real challenge is, even if the room has a third of its capacity, to make everyone dance and have a good time with good music – and never forget that size do not matter!

You’re known for appealing beyond your typical dance fan. Why does your music transcend the genre?
Because I’m a musician I think. I’ve been trying to feed people music since my youngest age.

Describe your DJ sound in your own words.
My sound is organic, based on warm paths and flowery rhythms. It’s percussive and generous.

Tell us about your life to date
I’m 33-years-old, I’m the father of two beautiful kids, I run a company called Cadenza Music based in Geneva mainly but I have people working in Berlin, Frankfurt, London Madrid, Ibiza and Paris. I’m running around the world over the weekends to make people dance as a DJ and then sometimes during the year I close myself into the studio and do what I prefer, composing and producing.

You were born in Switzerland but raised in Chile – how has that international upbringing affected your music?
It never affected my music, it affected my time. I have less time than before for all of what I do because I’m on a constant home run, let’s say. Absorbing other cultures is something that is so, so important ‘cause everywhere there is something to give and learn. It is so inspiring to listen to music from other continents.

So what inspires you to make music?
I get inspired by the music in general, when I was a little boy I used to isolate every instrument in my head in every track, I used to listen and try to reproduce it. I’ve always been very inspired by musicians of jazz, South American or rock music, every instrument is an inspiration and some deep dish for music. All of what I do is based on emotion and feelings, so when I compose, I do it ‘cause I wanna feel something deep and try to take an emotion out of my soul and reproduce it in sound.

Your native Chile has links to a very distinct roster of world class DJs – Ricardo Villalobos, Dinky, Chica, Alexi Delano and more – why do you think it creates such talent?
I think it’s all about experience and inspiration, Chile is a country with a lot of both and people there are all thirsty for culture. After (living under a) dictator we all needed something to live for, something that had a meaning of important facts, and music was a cure in every aspect of it, from rock to techno, from (poet Pablo) Neruda to (composer) Violeta Parra. So lots of young guys like me started to get inspired by those ones and we were thirsty to do something different and suddenly, while we were not conscious of it at that time, we had a crew of people that was constructive and creative in every form, and this is when Chile became a country of inspiration for us.

What drove you to launch free club Ushuaia? Did you have any idea of what was to come?
The idea of freedom is something that always possessed my mind. What it became is just the fruit of a great friendship and a lot of work.

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