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In Case You Didn't Know is X Factor product's second album

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In Case You Didn’t Know

Although this is only Murs’s second album, it seems as though the cheeky hat enthusiast squeezes out a new release between tooth-brushings. Murs’s likeability and malleability play a huge part in his success. He’s basically like Robbie Williams before he had his Truman Show epiphany.

Murs’s particular toehold is being the upbeat, fashion-forward singer who can pull off Bruno Mars-style reggae-pop, Rizzle Kicks-assisted street-pop (as on recent single ‘Heart Skips a Beat’), or whatever else is selling at the moment. Thus, In Case You Didn’t Know runs the gamut from uptempo dance-pop to uptempo soul-pop, with his first big slowie (‘This Song Is About You’, which it isn’t). Nothing on the album is particularly memorable, but for Murs this may be an advantage. After all, dentristry without anaesthetic is memorable, but it’s going to be quite far down your mum’s Christmas list. Plus, not being able to remember a note of any of the material means every repeat play feels like the first time.

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