Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs

Oxford producer and musician Orlando Higginbottom works as TEED


He thinks his image is ‘absolutely ridiculous’.
‘I like to think it’s so ridiculous that you just have to ignore it. I’m definitely of the opinion that you should look past the image and the name and the brand and just listen. A few people said originally they thought I was copying Deadmau5, just because there were two people next to one another who were dressing up. People are lazy like that; they just love slagging stuff off and saying it’s unoriginal.’

He hates Pendulum, who recently played a DJ set at Trilogy.
‘The first DJ set I ever saw that wasn’t at a rave was Nicky Blackmarket in Oxford in the UK – I was underage. I was a massive jungle fan from the age of 12, so it was like a dream and it fuelled my passion for years to come. I eventually fell out with that music, but for a long time, it’s what I was all about. I think I went too far in, without listening to how bad the music was getting. When Pendulum first popped their heads up, I wanted to kill myself. That was the last straw.’

He’s not a fan of The X Factor.
‘It’s doing loads of damage to music, but more importantly to young people. It’s incredibly horrible to people and has really low standards of achievement. It’s cheap, tasteless rubbish and if you know the inside industry story, you know how badly these people are treated. I hate it.’

He gets more of a kick out of remixing upcoming artists.
‘There was a buzz to mixing Lady Gaga [“Marry the Night”], but I’m more interested in friends’ bands and projects I want to be a part of. I did a remix of a new Venezuelan DJ duo called Fur Coat for Crosstown Rebels. That was a real pleasure.’

He fancies the idea of time travel.
‘I’d love to be around at the end of the ’80s and the early ’90s so I could go to raves, and I’d like to listen to Bach play keyboards. Nostalgia is the main theme in my creative life, in a slightly sad way. But I don’t mean in terms of the sounds and the references; I mean as an emotion. Like that feeling you might have at the end of summer.’

Scottish folk purists once gave him the big thumbs down.
‘“Waulking Song” (sic) is a Gaelic folk song that women sang when they were making cloth. I found this really amazing record of Hebridean folk songs, where the voices sound like they could’ve come from anywhere in the world. I sampled it and decided to be polite and clear it, but this guy who runs the label said no chance. I even wrote him a really heartfelt letter, but it was still a “no”, so I had to get someone to re-sing it in this kind of made-up Gaelic.’

He used to do European folk dancing with his girlfriend.
‘It was in Oxford on Wednesday nights. There was lots of Romanian stuff and there was us and all these OAPs. It’s so much fun and everyone’s really bad at it. We did a performance for a homeless shelter one Christmas and wore the outfits.’
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