Simone Sebastian

Simone Sebastian picks her Dubai highlights. We shine a bright light in her eyes and beg her to reveal more. Here's the outcome.

My favourite night

Where I go... at the weekend for a big night out:
It used to be iBO, and before that Terminal. Now it really depends on who’s playing where. Submarine is usually fun for some dark techno on the dance floor, and Trilogy have made some really adventurous bookings over the past few years – Jeff Mills anyone?

...during the week for a quiet chat:
Cin Cin.

...purely for the music:
DJ Solo’s On the Corner nights at Keva were a really great way to start off Friday night. When are those back on?

Any other reason:
Keva Lounge, for the fake grass wall in the ladies’ room. Great for random picture taking and back rubs [?].

Your favourite local DJs are:
DJ Solo, Mike Daniel, Mark C.

Where do you go to hear your favourite kind of music?
I’m into all kinds of stuff -– from northern soul to early disco to punk to new wave to techno. Unfortunately I don’t get to hear a lot of that stuff on a regular night out in Dubai, which is why I only really manage to get my musical rocks off when I’m travelling.

The best night you’ve ever had out in Dubai:
There have been quite a few over the years, but the most recent was the Laurent Garnier gig at Trilogy. The crowd was enthusiastic, Laurent was in a great mood and he was dropping everything from Giorgio Moroder brilliance to Blur madness. I haven’t danced like that for a while, and I limped home that night (morning) with renewed faith in Dubai’s nightlife.

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