Panjabi MC

Indian music legend comes to Dubai. <em>Time Out</em> was there to meet him for a quick chat and a cuppa on his first trip to the region.

DJ feature

He’s mixed the Knight Rider theme tune with Bhangra, collaborated with Jay-Z and fused hip hop with Indian folk dance music. Becky Lucas talks to one of the world’s biggest Indian artists, Panjabi MC.

Describe your sound in five words.
Fusion, desi, upfront, groundbreaking, live.

Hip hop or bhangra, if you had to pick one?
I couldn’t ever choose. It would definitely have to be both hip hop and bhangra fused together.

You mixed the Knight Rider theme tune with bhangra – any other theme songs you think would work well with the genre?
A team of others, because the songs originally come from the east.

How is the bhangra scene in the UK at the moment?
It’s OK. There are some good tracks coming through.

Where else is the bhangra scene massive?
In Canada, obviously India and in New York, with the likes of DJ Rekha bringing it to life.

If you weren’t a DJ, you’d be…
You might be surprised, but I would probably be a computer programmer.

If you could remix or work with anyone it would be…
It’s got to be James Brown.

If your stuff could be played by any other DJ you’d want it to be…
Tim Westwood, or maybe Mr Cee in New York.

If you could DJ anywhere in the world, you’d pick…
I have DJd all over the world already, but I would love to go to Fiji.

Where are you headed after Dubai?
Back to the UK, then off to Europe.

If I could only play one song for the rest of your life it would be…
‘Dhol Jageero Da’. It’s one of my tracks and it’s in Hindi.

You are happiest when…
I’m in my studio, working away.

Your vice is…
Listening to too much music [if that is a vice].

The thing most people don’t know about you is…
I make and produce all my own music.

The thing you’re most proud of so far is…
Winning the World Music Award (PMC won Best Indian Artist in 2003).

You’ll call it a day when…
They’re playing Bhangra in Mongolia.

The most played track on your iPod is…
Alicia Keyes’ latest album, As I Am, and anything by Dr Dre.

Kandy Club feat. Panjabi MC, Tribe, Thursday January 31, 10pm-3am, Dhs85, VIP - Dhs125, ladies free all night.

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