Seb Fontaine vs Ferry Corsten

DJs go head to head in a Dubai club-off. Oh yes they do, and we will be there to see who triumphs. Wanna join?

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One’s a phenomenal Dutch trance DJ, producer and remixer, the other a legend in house music. This Thursday they have one thing in common: they’re both playing in Dubai. Becky Lucas cornered each of them ahead of their deck-to-deck date to find who gives the best interview. Who comes last? You decide...

Ferry Corsten

The last thing I did before speaking to you was:
I was just snowboarding in the Alps in Austria.

The last time I had to explain what 'LEF' was to someone was:
LEF stands for 'Loud Electronic Ferocious and is the name of my artist album and is pretty much in 3 words how I sum up my sound. The last time I had to explain what 'LEF' was to someone was for this interview ;-)

The last time I used any of my knowledge from Technical Training School was:
Hmmm. Ages ago. I guess that wasn't exactly useful then...

The last track I fell in love with was:
'The Horizon' by Breakfast. He's an American kid called Casey Keyworth and his setting the trance world on fire at the moment. A real find.

System F, Moonman, Pulp Victim, Albion, Ferr, Bypass, Eon, Free Inside, Kinky Toys, Sidewinder, Party Cruiser, Raya Shaku. The last pseudonym I came up with was:
Funk Einsatz. They just keep coming to me.

The last time I had to play a song I wasn't that keen on was:
I never, ever play what I don't want to play. That's part of being a good DJ.

The last time I listened to a non-Dance song was:
Last night I listen to a lot of chill out music. I'm in the alps snowboarding at the moment and it's great to listen to it after a long day's hard work ;-)

The last time I was nervous was:
When I was about to hit a black slope, so just a couple of hours ago.

The last book I read was:
Island In The Centre Of The World by Russell Shorto. It's about Dutch Manhattan, and how New York was a Dutch colony before it was seized by the English in 1664. Most people know that happened, but they don't know the details.

The last film I saw was:
Ratatouille. Not by choice, mind - I was on a plane on my way over here.

The last time I danced was:
At my own wedding. You can't really get out of that 'first dance thing' can you?!

Seb Fontaine

The last thing I did before speaking to you was...
I’ve just got back from a two-week tour of South America, so to be honest I haven’t stopped. I’ve just been sorting out tracks, going through emails and post and generally rejoining society.

The last time I listened to a non-dance song was...
Every day I listen to all kinds of bits. There’s a lot of good stuff out there, you just have to dig deep.

The last time you said ‘We watch plastic go round’ was…
Of course, I still stand by that statement. DJs shouldn’t ever feel superior to clubbers. It’s probably more important now than ever.

In which case, the last time you went to a club purely as a clubber and not to DJ was...
Last Sunday, when I went to hear a friend play in Brazil.

The last time I went to watch Chelsea was...
The Everton game two weeks ago. Still celebrating.

The last time I had to play a song I wasn’t that keen on was...
Not often, but you’d be surprised how different some tracks sound ‘out and about’. There are tracks that I’ve cut short because they didn’t sound as good as they did at home. But then that works both ways too, and sometimes you find yourself pleasantly surprised.

The last time I went head to head with Ferry Corsten was...
I never have done really. It’s completely different music, so I can’t see how there can be a ‘winner’.

The last time I listened to A Guy Called Gerald’s ‘Voodoo Ray’ [the song that supposedly swung Seb from funk and hip hop to house, back in the 90s] was..
At a Christmas party. And it still sounded as fantastic as ever.

The last time I listened to hip hop and funk was...
Constantly. I love it, but only ever old school hip hop.

The last time I wished I was still DJing on [UK station] Radio One was...
Never. I now get to DJ in the best clubs in the world. There are no regrets.

The last time I had an argument with my manager [Seb’s wife] was...
Five minutes ago.

The last time I was nervous was...
Before getting on to a cruise ship for a three-day party in Brazil. I was right to feel nervous. It was pretty scary.

The last book I read was...
Conn Igulden’s Wolf Of The Plains, about the life of Ghengis Khan. You can’t beat a good biog.

The last film I saw was...
I Am Legend with Will Smith. It was OK, but nothing to get excited about. You’ve seen one zombie, you’ve seen them all.

The last time I thought about jacking it all in was...
When I was faced with another 15-hour flight. They can certainly kill your spirit after a while.

The last time I was really embarrassed was...
When you have children they embarrass you on a regular basis, so try ‘every day’.

Ferry Corsten, Madinat Arena Seb Fontaine, Chi, both Thursday January 31.

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