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John Digweed is one of the forefathers of progressive dance music. <em>Time Out</em> caught up with him to play a round of True or False. Here's what happened.

DJ feature
True or False

You mixed the first ever DJ compilation…
I was involved in mixing one of the first Journeys by DJ compilations. The album which I think you are talking about was with Sasha - the Renaissance mix collection which gained critical acclaim on its release

You always wished you were known as Digweed and Sasha… (Do you prefer working alone or with a partner?)
I enjoy both aspects of my career. Working on my own or with Sasha. We last saw each other in Los Angeles on NYE where we played to 25,000.

You introduced trance to the mainstream…
Not me.

Bedrock, the name of your record label, production and promotion company has nothing to do with bedroom antics…
True or false?! Where did the name come from? The name came from a club in Chicago

John Digweed is your real name…
False. It is David Digweed.

You toured with Bowie and Moby…
True. Moby was great fun to hang out with and a very interesting person.

You have scored two movies – Stark Raving Mad and the animated Spiderman movie…
True. It was a lot of fun to work on something for the big screen although my passion is to make music for the dance floor.

Is aspiring to be the next Jude Law...
False. Making Groove was a lot of fun. However the phone hasn’t rung since so I think my skills are behind the decks and not in front of the camera!

Your music will be featured in the film movie adaptation of Irvine Welsh's best-selling novel Ecstasy: Three Tales of Chemical Romance.
False I have heard many stories about his but no one has been in contact.

Other questions

Do you listen to any other kind of music apart from dance?
Running a record label and DJing the amount of music that comes though on a regular basis doesn’t allow you to listen to other music if you want to stay on top of the game

Tell us something few people know about you.
I got a high score of 10 million on the arcade game Defender when I was a teenager

Which DJ have you been most excited about playing at one of your nights?
Danny Tenaglia is always great to have playing

You were once seen as the people’s DJ and an underground dance hero. How do you manage to do both?
By being consistent and giving 110% every time you go out and play.

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