Rebecca Brianceau

<em>Time Out</em> readers pick their personal favourites from the Dubai nightlife scene. Rebecca Brianceau reveals her darkest secrets.

My favourite night

Where I go… at the weekend for a big night:
I travel and work a lot, so if I am in Dubai and not working a big night out is chilling out, listening to my iTunes account and being with my friends.

…during the week, for a quiet chat:
I really like going to Tamanya Terrace on Monday nights to watch Kamal Musallam, Rony Afif and Rami Lakkis perform Live Fusion music.

… purely for the music:
Blue Bar and Tamanya Terrace.

Your favourite local DJs are:
There are so many DJs I dig in Dubai: DJ Rone Jaxx, Dany Neville, Da:Funct, Kennedy, Schooly and more and more.

Your favourite DJ in the world is:
DJ ZTrip and Starting From Scratch.

What are your favourite kinds of music?
I like all types of music; classic rock, old school hip hop, funk, soul, reggae, dancehall, jazz, classical, country, blues, bluegrass, soca, drum and bass, trip hop, chill out – you name it. I’m really into fusion music right now – mixing Arabic beats with house or hip hop.

The best night out you’ve ever had in Dubai:
The Arrested Development concert with Abri at the Jebel Ali golf course. I grew up listening to AD and to see them perform live was out of this world. They were so passionate and on point from their lyrics, dance and rootsy gear, and of course Abri’s performance was amazing (!)

What do you think of Dubai’s nightlife scene in general – what’s great about it and what’s not so hot?
Dubai’s nightlife offers a variety of options. I get bored of the clubbing scene, so I prefer the live music scene and would like to see it grow. I strongly believe in local musicianship and there are so many gifted local and regional musicians that can really shine here, if there were more hot spots for live original music.

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