Gasolina Fiesta

Another Latin music night comes to Dubai. <em>Time Out</em> grabs its dancing shoes to find out what is, or isn't new about this one.

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Dubai’s Latin fans have yet more reason to shimmy their hips this week – the ‘truest Latin party in town’ is grinding off in Sapphire Lounge this Friday. Becky Lucas quizzed Argentinean resident DJ Andresito to find out what makes it so authentic.

Why is your night the ‘truest Latin party’ in town?
It’s actually being run by Latin guys – that’s the unique thing about it. Our nights provide a way for people to meet and mingle and enjoy Latin music without all the show that goes around many of the other Latin gigs in town. We’ve done two Gasolina nights already, so this is the third. The last ones were at St Maxims in Mall of the Emirates.

Are there many other Latin events already?
There are a few. There are a couple of nights that take place at the Ibis hotel, as well as various tango nights. The only true club at the moment dedicated to Latin music at the moment is Malécon. Even there they still play a mix of R&B and hip hop. At the moment, ours is the only ‘true’ Latin night in Dubai.

Is there a big Latin community in Dubai?
Yes, it’s huge. There are people of Latin descent living here and working in all sorts of fields, from air hostesses to house nannies to executives in large multi-national firms. There are all sorts of Latin people from different walks of life here in the UAE, which is quite exciting. They’re from Brazil, Central America or the Mediterranean, a bit of everything. And the community’s growing all the time.

Will there be live music?
At the moment it’s will just be myself playing a mix of 80s, 90s and contemporary Latin music, including Reggetton and Carioca.

What on earth are they?
Reggetton is a Spanish adaptation of hip hop, and Carioca is a Brazilian genre of dance music. Check out artists Daddy Yankee or Don Omar if you want to hear it.

How regularly will you be putting on the Gasolina Fiestas?
We want to keep it as once a month, even though clubs are looking for promoters who can put on nights four times a month. We don’t want to do that, as we know the Latin community isn’t large enough yet for us to hold a party every week.

What should people wear?!
Just come to the club. Wear going out clothes, whatever makes them feel comfortable. If it helps…

Will you be offering Latin dancing lessons?
No. That’s the other thing we’re trying to stay away from – lessons and anything too formal. People become shy when you try and instruct them and we’re trying to avoid that.

Where have you played before?
I’ve played in Trilogy, Malécon, the Ballroom of Madinat Jumeirah. I’ve played internationally in Latin America. I also have a weekly show called Latin Breeze – Dubai’s only Latin radio show – on Dubai 103.8FM every Thursday from 10pm to 12pm.

Friday February 15, Sapphire Lounge, 9pm-late, Dhs35 including free drink, ladies free with complimentary drink.

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