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Indie music-loving DJs square up for a musical face off. <em>Time Out</em> trotted along to watch the fight. Just for fun.

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This weekend sees Dubai’s leading indie ‘kids’ (although by rights they’re both fully-grown men) mess up their faded band T-shirts during their audio scuffle in Chi Garden this Friday night. Becky Lucas asked the men behind the music, Mark Evans (Step On) and Craig Willers (Twisted Melons) to come up with 10 tricky indie questions to fling at each other. Read on to find out who came out victorious/wearing the biggest anorak…

Craig’s questions for Mark...

1. What is ex-Stone Roses member Reni’s real name?
Oh, please – I thought this was a quiz? Alan Wren. I used to have a Reni Hat . I thought it was great and wore it everywhere. I looked a right clown. Lesson to us all, there: just because something looks good on a Stone Roses’ drummer doesn’t mean it’ll look good on you.

2. What was the score on Thousand Yard Stare’s 1991 no-hitter?
Ha, better. ‘No Score After Extra Time.’ Melons don’t play Thousand Yard Stare, do they? I’ll eat my (Reni) hat if they do.

3. In the same year who sued Johnny Marr and Morrissey?
That’ll be Smiths’ drummer Mike Joyce. And he won, too.
Half-correct. Andy Rourke sued them as well.

4. What links Billy Bragg, Morrissey and Duffy?
Cheeky. But not cheeky enough, my fleshy fruit-based friend. They’re all called Stephen (Stephen ‘Tin-tin’ Duffy? Guffaw).

6. Who co-wrote ‘Take It’ with Flowered Up?
OK, über-nerd time. I was a huge Flowered Up fan (I shared beers with Barry Mooncult at an after-gig shindig once. Nice geezer, if not a little mad), so although this should catch me out, I’m afraid I’ve got it nailed. It was Joe Strummer, Clash legend and big pal of FU’s manager, Terry McQuaid. One ticket to nerds-ville, please.

5. What were Dukes Of Stratosphear better known as?
Dukes of Stratosphear? That’s not ringing any bells. [One Google search later] XTC? During their psychedelic parody stage, apparently. Wow. Make that two tickets to nerds-ville…
Incorrect. Cheating doesn’t count.

7. Who originally recorded Saint Etienne’s cover ‘Only Love Can Break Your Heart?’
Easy, Neil Young. Both cracking versions, it has to be said. Plus I used to really fancy Sarah Cracknell. Is she still fit?
Correct. And yes.

8. On ‘Loaded’, Primal Scream samples one of their own songs. Which one?
Is this a trick question? They don’t: they sample Keith Gillespie singing a line from someone else’s song. He’s singing blues singer Robert Johnson’s ‘Terraplane Blues’. Ow. Check me out.
Incorrect. According to Craig they sample ‘I’m Losing More Than I’ll Ever Have.’

9. How old was Debbie Harry when Blondie launched the single version of ‘Atomic’?
Total guess: 17? She can’t have been that much older if she wasn’t.
Incorrect. Craig says 34.

10. Shaun Ryder’s ex-wife Oriole has a famous father. Who is he?
He’s Donovan – the Hurdy Gurdy man! I saw the ‘Mondays, with Donovan in support, at Whitley Bay Ice. It was one of the first gigs I went to. He rocked, although half the crowd (me included at the time) didn’t have a clue who he was. Then my mate’s Mam came and picked us up in her Fiät Uno (all five of us) and took us straight home. Thanks Mrs Broadbent.

Total: An anecdote-filled 6.5

Mark’s questions for Craig...

1. The Libertines split spectacularly, going on to spawn three ­ count them – three new bands. Name them.
Babyshambles, Dirty Pretty Things, and someone else. The first two have demonstrated that the Libertines were definitely greater than the sum of their parts. Not sure about the last.
Half correct. The last was Yeti. We’ll give you half a point.

2. The last ever Factory number was Fact 501. What was it?
Tony Wilson’s sadly rotting in it.

3. They’re often described as ‘the best British band to come out of America’, thanks to their heavily British-influenced sound. Who are they?
Surely the Monkeys! I’m guessing The Killers, I’m Wikipedia-ing this because I’d look a bit of a kook... and yes!
Correct. We’ll give it to you despite double-checking. Have more faith!

4. Field Music, The Futureheads, The Golden Virgins ­all hail from where?
I only know that the Futureheads are from Newcastle, UK, ha – sorry –Sunderland. Both Mark and myself supported matey from The Futureheads at The Apartment. We came off, he came on. People left. It’s pure talent you see. I managed to drop a full bottle of beer over his feet. Hmmm.

5. Their debut album featured the less than cheery image of Thich Quang Duc burning himself to death. But who are they?
Rage Against the Machine. I hated them for using this image to sell records. ‘Oooo we’re so like, in the same boat, man...’

6. ‘He’s compromising. At least he’s got a job for life. Get born, get school, get job, get car, pay tax and find a wife.’ Lyrics from which song?
Love it. ‘Champion of the World’, Reverend And The Makers. A personal favourite even though people don’t really go for it, strangely.

7. Matt Bowman’s the lead singer with which band?
He plays for Sheffield Wednesday! Hmmm, hold on I’m Googling it ... The Pigeon Detectives. Damn.

8. If you put their band name into Google, it returns a blank page. Who are they?
Ha – I’m being punished! I have no idea. I’m hoping this is Evans being funny. Something with just numbers if serious.
Incorrect. The answer is !!!

9. Who directed Joy Division’s ‘Atmosphere’ video?
No idea. Again I’m cheating, especially after the last question. Tap Tap Tap. Anton Corbijn.
Correct, but nil points. We’ve lost our sympathy.

10. Sam Duckworth: who the hell is he?
That I do know from when Step On brought him out. I was laughing about him being Vera Duckworth’s son. Mark’s mate, Get Cape, Wear Cape, Fly.

Total: A very close 6.5. Looks like there’ll have to be a rematch…

Step On loves Twisted Melons feat. Paul Nolan & Sean O’Shea, Friday February 15, 9pm-3am, free before 10.30pm. Ladies free before midnight. 100 dhs after.

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