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India’s biggest dance DJ tells us about ambitions, dreams, his life so far, and why he thinks his music has been so accepted in Dubai.

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Two-time DMC Champion for India and a regular at Bollywood events… life’s been good for DJ Nasha. Now, as he prepares to touch down at Mix, India’s biggest dance DJ tells us about ambition, Burning Man and Bob Marley.

You would describe your music as...
I would say that it is bass-influenced, powerful, tribal, live electronics with percussive and cultural elements from my Indian roots.

If you could DJ for any celebrity it would be...
I would have loved to DJ for Bob Marley. I guess that’s more of a dream now, but yes, there are a lot of celebrities that I would love to DJ for and jam with. In fact, there are too many to mention.

The best thing about playing in Dubai is...
My favorite thing about playing in Dubai is that the crowd is very interactive and high in energy, which then enhances my performance and entices me to come back to Dubai for more and more. I love the way everybody gets into partying hard and even after the clubs shut they always ask for more.

Your vice is...
Since a vice is described as being a moral defect, I can’t really say that I have one in this regard. However, there are always things that I can work on to improve myself as a person and as a musician. I try and enjoy every bit of everything. Right now in my life I feel that I have gained control of a lot of things but basically all I want to do is create interesting music.

Most people would be surprised to discover…
Probably that I am involved in social work with my family. We are working towards creating a better society for all. One tool we are using is art and music.

Your proudest achievement is....
My proudest achievement is being the two-time DMC Champion of India along with having my first single, ‘Flute Fantasy’, going global and being on the Buddha Bar Volume Seven compilation.

If you could only play one song for the rest of your life, it would be…
‘Redemption Song’ from Bob Marley, as he is one artist who moves my soul with everything he has done and said in his music.

The best place you’ve ever DJed is...
The best place I ever DJed is at the Burning Man festival 2007 in Nevada, USA. It was like I was spinning for people on Mars. It was an experience I can’t even describe and it is my favourite festival to go to.

The thing you miss most about home is...
I miss my food, my dogs and the serene beauty of Goa that surrounds us. And I can’t get enough of the smell of my village.

In five years, you will be...
I don’t know where I will be, but I hope to be recognised as an internationally respected producer who also makes a positive social impact for those in need in India.

DJ Nasha plays Chivas Live @ Reloaded Asian Underground at Mix on Thursday March 27, from 10pm till late. For tickets see

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